Proof Of Work

The Deutsche Teckellklub e.V. 1888 drafted a regulation for a series of hunting tests being applied, with some variations, internationally.

In Spain we have also the Regulations on this subject. Testing the Rules of Working Dachshunds used to select the best hunting skills.

In German pedigrees, and some other countries, indicating the approved hunting tests, thereby naturally acquired players more value for the selection of the Race.

In Spain we are moving to reflect this also pedigrees issued by the Royal Canine Society of Spain.

These tests have examined whether a specimen has all the qualities necesariasque hunting dog must possess. The sole purpose is to see if the Dachshund have aptitude for hunting and not the amount of training or the like. Dogs can participate up to 3 years, enrolled in the LOE, the RRC or any Stud Book recognized by the FCI.


Many owners do not consider teckel pageants compatible with working tests.

From our point of view, commit a grave error. The typical characteristics of dachshund should correspond to the standard as it can hunt well but transmit their defects to their children keep coming to be good working dogs.