The Dachshund
Who we are
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We are located at the heart of Granada, Av Monteluz s / n. residencia canina.

Our mission is to nurture and care for the race to help her, our goal is to make dogs beautiful and job skills. Selective breeding.

Our dogs are raised in a family environment with lots of love.

We organize seminars in the field of coexistence with other groups and also let the dogs follow their instincts, being introduced into the burrow, we exercise them in tracking, we have them drop into the water to rescue lures, etc.

And to show that the dachshund is a hunting dog, work and above all they are extremely well cared for.

We have litters targeted and delivered with vaccinations, wormed, vet certificate, registered in the LOE and warranty set forth.

For 3 consecutive years we have become WINNER AMSTERDAM with different copies of our kennel.


The whole body of dachshund is intended for mobility as it was originally selected for the hunt. The dachshund's body should look harmonious with the front upright and with great capacity for observation of their environment. This criminality is validated for the three sizes of Dachshund.

A dachshund should not be too long nor too thick or thin (appearance of greyhound).

The character of the dachshund is characterized by balanced temperament. It can not be timid or aggressive. The dachshund is home, loving, intelligent, attentive and very brave and are therefore ideal as a pet.

In the beginning the dachshund was created for hunting in any of the three varieties of size (standard, miniature and dwarf or kaninchen) and hair (short, long and hard). The Dachshund has the qualities of almost all hunting dogs. The Dachshund, like a good hound, we can raise, harass and point game, or find the piece after firing. Versatile as they come, this race will make us enjoy his company very much in the hunt and at home, surrounded by the whole family, because Dachshunds are homely and loving home, and of great courage and bravery in hunting.